Pretty on Fleek

The words of Britney and Iggy ring true; all around the world, pretty girls jump the line, to the front, do what we like, get what we want; we’re just so pretty! Let’s be real here, though- the general population doesn’t hold a candle to someone like B. Spears & Iggy-Iggs. So what about the…


… And All. That. JAZZ!

Give ‘em the old razzle dazzle RAZZLE DAZZLE Give ‘em an act with lots of flash in it And the reaction will be passionate There is no pulling the wool over your eyes here; this house is so fantastic, it Razzle Dazzles all on its own! This must-see property is located at 438 Johnston Avenue,…


Don’t Want No Scrubs

So, you’re looking for the ideal home, the crème de la crème of Port Elgin, the ultimate pad. In other words, you don’t want no scrub! This ‘Clearwater’ style townhome is located at the Winds at Summerside Place, a condo community that was built by Reid’s Heritage Homes. At approximately 3 years old, looks can…


Old Places Have Soul

Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful. Houses, especially older ones, tend to soak up the emotions and life experiences of its occupants; while age-stricken homes sometimes deter, they often have enough character and charisma to seduce you with the magic of their pasts. 411 Alice Street in Southampton is…


‘The Visionary is the Only Realist’- Federico Fellini

Hipster A subculture of men and women, generally in their 20s-30s, that value independent thinking, counter culture, progressive politics, creativity, intelligence and imagination, an appreciation of art and indi-music & and witty banter. While ‘hipsterism’ is truly a state of mind, it is often intertwined with a distinct fashion sense; hipsters reject mainstream consumers and…


Kim K. Leads the Way!

The 3 C’s in life: Choice, Chance & Change You must make the choice To take the chance If you want anything in life to change   It doesn’t matter what type of change you are seeking, the smallest difference can make the largest impact (ie. Kim Kardashian is now a blonde bombshell). If you…