Don’t Be Blinded By The Staged Home

Before you buy a house, and if you have the opportunity, make sure that you conduct a home inspection to thoroughly check for any hidden damages or defects that might cost you more money if you discover it later.  You wouldn’t want to buy a house and find out months or years later that it has hidden defects that you need to worry about. By conducting a home inspection, you are making sure that you are getting your money’s worth and buying a property that you won’t regret  .The first thing that you need to inspect are cracks. Look out for any alarming cracks in both interior and exterior walls of the house. Walls with a large number of cracks that exceed 2 millimeters in width could be a cause for alarm and may require further inspection.
The second thing that you need to look out for is mold. Although mold might seem common in households, they can become a threat to one’s health if left to a certain extent. It can also be a clue to a larger underlying problem in the property. Make sure that you have the mold cleaned by professionals before moving into the property.
Don’t forget to check for signs of pest, insect, or rodent infestations inside the house and around the property. It’s normal to find occasional insects or pests in older homes, however, if there’s a clear sign of infestation, you’ll want to know about it before you move in. No one wants to move in a house that’s secretly filled with pests!
Check for different areas that may have asbestos; Guide to Asbestos in the Home |  We sometimes see it in older homes.  If suspected, it should be tested.
Make sure to check the roof. There are many ways to tell if the roof is still good or if it needs repairs. First, you should look at the lines of the roof to check if they are straight and free from deflections. You’ll also want to check the roof gutters for rust. This will help you determine if the roof gutters would need to be replaced. You should also check the roof downpipes to see if the property has storm water drains, and that the water isn’t just falling to the ground. Not having soak water wells can cause flooding and excess water flow around the property, meanwhile installing one on your own can be expensive!
Last but not least, something else that should be looked at is the plumbing and making sure there is no kitec; Kitec Plumbing – Canadian Home Inspection Services
If you need help with inspecting your new home or would like to know more tips, feel free to reach us anytime.

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