About Port Elgin

The Town of Maples commonly known as Port Elgin is within the Municipality of Saugeen Shores. It has been a popular summer beach vacation destination (Lake Huron) since the early 1900’s and an active year round home to many residents; many of whom are employed at Bruce Power. There are 6 distinct beaches, a great commercial area and many extensive walking trail networks. The community is also internationally renowned for its spectacular sunsets.

What is the definition of a cool beach town?

Maybe it is a place where people go to relax, escape the hustle + bustle of the city, and walk barefoot along the sandy shores of beautiful Lake Huron. Perhaps it is home to stunning sunsets, quiet balmy evenings under the stars, and quaint-yet-vibrant local businesses. Port Elgin is as much about the beach as it is about its friendly residents, its community camaraderie and its endearing vibe. Port Elgin Real Estate comes in a variety of styles from small cottages located steps from the main beach to custom new builds, lakefront living to the perfect family address.

Small town living often means less people, less traffic, more green space, and a strong spirit of cooperation. It is the opposite of the anonymous lifestyle you’ll find in the city- a tightly knit social dynamic offers familiar faces, friendly neighbours, and a network of community support. The colourful local business scene is another huge benefit to living in a small town; not only does shopping local provide unique finds and quality services, it also means supporting your neighbours directly and giving back to your community. Port Elgin is a unique small town full of heart with real estate to match almost any type of buyer.
Port Elgin is a phenomenal place to put down roots, whether you are relocating your family, looking for a place to retire, or searching for a summertime escape from the city.

Port Elgin Real Estate Listings

Port Elgin Real Estate Listings often reflect what makes our town so lovely- a happy space where you are able to live in a respectful environment, learn from your friends and neighbours, and laugh endlessly. Home in Port Elgin is much more than just bricks and mortar; it’s the peaceful sensation you feel in your cozy cottage on a rainy Sunday afternoon, it’s the merry sounds of children celebrating your family’s first Christmas in their custom new build house, it’s relaxing in the fresh + clean lemon-scented living room of your first home, windows open wide and sunlight pouring in.

Port Elgin Real Estate Market

The Port Elgin real estate market has expanded greatly in the past few years; investment properties have become an extremely viable source of income, lakefront homes are incredibly sought-after and an influx of new families has created a huge demand for custom new builds.

Port Elgin Real Estate Team

Team DeCoppel has spent decades living and growing in this town, establishing connections with our fellow community members, contributing to the growth of the town and its local businesses whenever we can, and creating our definition of home in a place we love. We work with buyers to help them find a property that truly makes them feel content in their decision to settle in Port Elgin, a roof over their head that allows them to feel accomplished, safe and comfortable. (Don’t worry- we work with sellers too!)

Real estate in Port Elgin is our passion! We want people to view Port Elgin as we do- as an opportunity for a life full of happiness,  breathtaking sunsets, and fresh lakeside air.Real Estate