About Paisley

The village of Paisley, known as the Artistic Village, is located in the Municipality of ArranElderslie in Bruce County, where two free-flowing rivers converge in the downtown core. Paisley is a small, independent community that is truly unique; from its rich history to the free spirited festivals, and the village’s unconventionally eccentric heart, Paisley is a culmination of past + present in rural Ontario. 

Paisley stands out in Bruce County as an epicentre for creativity. The charming village consists of historical homes and buildings, many of which have been respectfully hand-decorated with enchanting imagery, vivid colour schemes, and up-cycled materials. 

Over the past few years, Paisley has been rapidly growing + looking toward a very bright future. This riverside community offers everything from independent, out-of-the-ordinary shops selling remarkable local + handmade goods to a bustling restaurant scene including options such as homemade pizza from the Bonfire on Queen and locally-sourced foods at The Paisley Common. 

As home prices in Bruce County continue to soar, Paisley has maintained a reasonable market value for many of its endearing properties. That does not mean that the real estate market in Paisley has not taken off as well- a lot of buyers have chosen to make Paisley their home as it is a bit more affordable, and offers a ton of character! 

Paisley real estate listings typically provide a delightfully historic overtone, each with their own quirky energy. If you are interested in chronicles of the past, enjoy art festivals, or feel a deep connection to the water and/or rural life, Paisley is the place for you! Purchasing a home in Paisley is a wonderful adventure for buyers of all types!