Some Upgrades May Not Be Worth It For ROI


Some renovations may not be worth it, if you are hoping to get a good return on investment or ROI. This is especially true in the bathroom!

There are several bathroom renovations that don’t pay off. When sellers put these upgrades into their bathrooms, they nearly never recoup the cost of the renovation and, as a result, don’t get a high ROI. Let’s go through these 5 bathroom envisions that won’t pay off.

  • Steam shower: Steam showers can add a spa-like atmosphere, but they’re a niche item for buyers.
  • Whirlpool bathtub: Most buyers see these outdated and have heard horror stories about how difficult they are to clean, which can make them a major turn-off.
  • Moving plumbing: Unless the layout of the bathroom truly doesn’t make sense, it’s not worth it to move plumbing around. This is one of the most expensive things to do, and you generally will never recoup the costs.
  • Heated floors: These are luxurious for sure, but if your goal is a high ROI, steer clear of high-cost upgrades like a heated floor. Buyer’s just don’t care enough about heated flooring for it to be a selling feature.

Too many high-tech gadgets: a fun upgrade here and there can pique the interest of buyers, but too many can feel like overkill.

Everyone likes a nice, updated bathroom. But if you go invest in upgrades that don’t appeal to buyers, you’ll be spending money that you won’t ever get back when you sell. Most buyers don’t care about a high-tech bathroom with all the upgrades. In fact, many would much rather have that money put towards a kitchen renovation because that’s where they’ll spend way more time!

The next time you start thinking about a big bathroom upgrade, consider what future buyers might think and if you’re likely to have a high ROI. From there, you can make the decision that’s right for you now and in the future.

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