Home Office Refresh

If your home office needs a refresh, take note of these design trends. ✨ Soothing colors – soft shades of blue and green are popular in home offices. Warm, comforting hues often boost creativity and productivity and promote serenity and wellness. ✨ Creative use of space – closets, alcoves, dining rooms, and space under stairways are all being transformed into functional home office spaces. ✨ Natural decor – bringing the outdoors inside is in, with woven wall coverings, natural fibers, and a focus on warmth and tranquility. Think wood, rattan, wool, and leather. ✨ Fresh air- pair those natural elements with sheer or no window treatments to bring the outdoors in. If you’re lucky enough to have indoor/outdoor space, consider working in your sunroom, screened-in porch, or even outdoors on nice days for an instant mood (and productivity) boost! ✨ Smart tech – add high-speed wireless, wifi boosters, and even extra outlets. Adjustable lighting to help mitigate the effects of extra screen time and wireless sound systems are also trending.

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