Is It Time To Downsize?


Here’s the secret to downsizing
Downsizing brings many people peace, joy, and financial security. It might be an overwhelming task, but you can do it easier if you follow this five-step plan.
Step 1: Plan. Create a plan and prioritize tasks. Draft a reasonable schedule including your timeline, your budget, and your work style.
Step 2: Sort. Sort through your personal belongings and decide which to keep, donate, sell, and throw away (don’t hold back).
Step 3: Divest. Decide on how to handle the things you are going to let go.
Step 4: Move. Plan your move ahead of time so that it can go smoothly and efficiently.
Step 5: Sell. It might not be an easy task to sell your home, but it will definitely pay you back a good amount for all the years of maintenance you spent on it.
You may want to interchange #4 and #5 if you would feel more comfortable selling your current home before you move; that is a personal choice.
Pro tip: Hire the right professionals and it will make your downsizing journey a breeze!
While it’s easier said than done, downsizing begins with one step. Begin that step today and you won’t regret it.
What are you waiting for?

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