Some “Beige” Flags

When you’re viewing properties, it’s pretty easy to spot serious “red flag” issues with the home that should make you question whether it’s the right purchase, like a crumbling roof or serious foundation issues.

But there are less easy-to-spot issues that might not seem like a big deal when you’re looking at a house, but could prove to be challenging (or, at the very least, annoying) if you were to move in, which you might consider “beige flags.”

Beige flags certainly don’t have to be deal breakers. But if you want to be satisfied with your home purchase, it’s important to be able to recognize them, and know how to manage them.

So what, exactly, are the most common beige flags, and how do you fix them?

A recent article from outlined the “beige flags” you should be on the lookout for when searching for a home, and how to fix them, including:

Not enough closet space. If you have a lot of possessions, having enough storage space in your home is important. Unfortunately, not all homes have the closet space you need, like older homes which are specifically notorious for not having enough closet space. If you love a home — but don’t love the lack of closets — you could add a closet to a wall. Or, if adding a real closet is too expensive, or your floor plan won’t allow it, you could also create a makeshift closet by adding clothing racks and shelves to an open corner of a bedroom.
Not enough outlets. Another issue many older homes have is a lack of electrical outlets, or a lack of outlets in the places that you need them. Luckily, this beige flag is a straightforward fix; you can hire an electrician to add new outlets where you need them which, according to the article, will run you about $215 per outlet. And, if you’re in a pinch and need extra outlets before you can get an electrician to your place, there’s always extension cords.
All white everything. An all-white home may seem appealing when you’re looking at listing photos or touring a potential property. But living in an all-white home is a different story, because white gets dirty, and it gets dirty fast. If you want to keep the all-white aesthetic, make sure to wash the walls, trim, and furniture regularly. Or, if you don’t want to deal with the dirt, consider swapping out the white for more forgiving colors.

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