When you list your home, many people may wonder why you’re selling.

And while it’s fine to be candid with your friends and family, if a buyer asks you that question, there are definitely things you don’t want to say—at least if you want to successfully (and profitably!) sell your home.

A recent article from outlined some of the ways you should probably not respond to questions about why you’re selling, including:

“I got a job transfer.” While job transfers are a common reason to move, letting potential buyers know that you likely have a date when you need to sell your home by (AKA your job start date) could make them think you’re eager to sell quickly—which could cause them to make a low offer.
“Our family needs a bigger house.” It makes total sense that, as your family grows, you may need to upgrade to a home with more space. But just don’t tell that to buyers! When buyers hear you say you need to buy a bigger home for your family, it may make them question whether the home you’re selling is spacious enough for them—even if they don’t have a growing family.
“We need a cheaper mortgage.” The last message you want to send to potential buyers is that your home is too expensive or overpriced, which they could easily end up thinking if you say you’re moving for a more affordable housing payment.

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