A subculture of men and women, generally in their 20s-30s, that value independent thinking, counter culture, progressive politics, creativity, intelligence and imagination, an appreciation of art and indi-music & and witty banter. While ‘hipsterism’ is truly a state of mind, it is often intertwined with a distinct fashion sense; hipsters reject mainstream consumers and opt more for vintage and thrift-store inspired looks. Tight fitting jeans, old school sneakers and thick-rimmed glasses are staples in the hipster wardrobe, as are androgynous hairstyles. They appear edgy and effortlessly cool, but their looks can cause many misconceptions. Hipsters tend to be very well educated, typically with a liberal arts or mathematics degree, and you can often find them in industries where they can extend their creative capabilities.

Hipster dogma is all about rejecting the mainstream societal values and avoiding typical media; however, they are arguably the most open-minded group of people in this generation. As non-conformists, they are quick to accept anyone regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or any other distinctions that conventional culture uses to discriminate.

In the end, the hipster philosophy is all about social change; they lead the way for mainstream culture to follow by listening to new music, trendsetting in fashion, pioneering ideologies, etc. and moving on quickly before the rest of us can ever catch up.

Thank-you Urban Dictionary!

Now, you are probably wondering why you have come to a Real Estate website to read a blog post about a particular listing, only to find the definition of a hipster… WHAAAAAT? Don’t worry! There is a connection, I promise.

This house that we have listed, 507 Provincial Street, is all about being different; carving a path for others instead of following in their footsteps. This is a great Hipster House! If you see yourself at all in the definition above, as a visionary with an imagination, you will see great potential in this home.

It is a raised bungalow with 3+1 Bedrooms and 2.5 Baths. It is approximately 1000 sq. ft. with a completely finished basement that includes two walkouts to the large, fenced backyard. The main floor living room is cozy with rustic style hardwood flooring, a large window overlooking the front yard, and an extremely warm natural gas stove that adds a lovely ambient glow. The authentic kitchen/eating area is spacious; it has sliding doors to the balcony and a view out over the expansive backyard. There are 3 bedrooms on the main level, including the master, and a 4 pc. cheater ensuite. The basement is completed with a family room that is heated by a 2nd natural gas stove. There is a 4th bedroom with an ensuite that can be blocked off and used as a rental as it has a separate entrance.

While your friends are in on the latest craze, ie. building the grandest house they can that is actually five times larger than they actually need, why not think about going en vogue by investing in a resale home; it provides you with a sturdy foundation built with superior materials in which your hipster vision can spring to life.


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