Amid all the chaos of the past week- pure whiteouts, walls of snow squalls, icy streets and a multitude of road closures- one person found the perfect way to beat the winter blues and avoid those feelings of cabin fever!

Peter McNeice (& his rink crew), in a wonderful show of community spirit, has once again opened up a socially communal opportunity for the people of Saugeen Shores; an ice rink! With the help of donations from the local Home Hardware, he created a great place to welcome the town’s residents and offer some wholesome family fun during the debilitating storm last week.

The rink remains open in a vacant lot on Parkwood Drive in Port Elgin, typically until 10 in the evening.

Grab your friends & family and head over for a game of hockey or a leisurely skate! It is a terrific way to get some fresh (really fresh) air and exercise; just be sure to bundle up!