In the spirit of today’s weather, I have decided to do up a blog with tips on how to sell your home in the winter!

Most people are under the impression that summer is the most prosperous time of the year, and that it will be easier to sell their home during warmer months than during cold, snowy ones. This is not always the case, though. There are actually a number of benefits to choosing to sell during the icy-cold season.

Winter is a wonderful time for displaying the cozy, family-friendly charm of your home.

Contrary to the frenzied and stressful action of a spring market, Sellers may take more time to consider offers during the winter; there are also generally fewer houses available, therefore less competition.

The major reasons that may lead a person to purchasing a new home, ie. a new job, a growing family, up- or down-sizing; these all happen year-round! There are always plenty of Buyers around.


No matter what time of year it is, your home must always look presentable and welcoming!

Beginning with the exterior, the home should always look well-maintained and cared for; this includes cleaning eaves troughs and taking care of minor repairs. It is also important to remember that winter light has a way of highlighting dirt and grime- a quick washing of siding and windows on a mild day will make a big difference.

Ensure that shrubs and tree-branches that are bent down with snow do not obstruct walkways and/or entrances. All pathways/sidewalks should be shoveled and ice-free before any showings take place- this is courteous and crucial to keeping visitors safe.

Of course, during the holidays decorations are always a welcome sight as they enhance the vision of home and family. Once January arrives, adorning the front door with a seasonal wreath (but non-festive) is a great way to present a friendly entry.


The bottom line for showings: making a great first impression! Once you have a Buyer inside, you’ve only got about 10-15 minutes to grab and hold their attention.

*An important note for vacant properties- make sure you have the heat turned on a few hours before the showing; no amount of décor can entice Buyers to linger in a home that is freezing cold.

Lighting scented candles is always an added bonus, no matter what the season. In the winter, however, it promotes a particular sense of coziness and contentment. Even better, a time-honoured tradition is to have a pot of stovetop potpourri simmering away.

With winter comes snow, ice, water, dirt and more! It is a good idea to have a black rubber mat sitting by your front door for boots to sit on. Even more thoughtful? Having a few pairs of comfy slippers available for Buyers to wear while they view your home.

Some final touches inside might include lighting a fire for a glowing showing and placing modest winter flower arrangements throughout the house.


It is most important to remember that the first impression is the lasting impression; this is the key to progressing potential Buyers into Active Buyers.

And always think warm thoughts! Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes!

So forget those winter blues and jump on the snowy bandwagon!